We believe that every thriving enterprise…

Provides a Safe and Productive Environment

Your business faces a variety of threats and vulnerabilities every day. Those challenges can be from internal sources, from your neighbors or from municipal projects. These sources include natural disasters and man-caused incidents.

Events caused by disgruntled employees, bullying, fires, terrorist acts, hacking and assaults on information technology, can have catastrophic consequences. Infrasturcture disruptions such as telecommunications failures, banking and finance breaches, power failures, water supply issues, and transportation system changes also require mitigation planning to avoid negative impact.

We work with you and your key personnel to create plans and actions that address a wide spectrum of risks and will reduce the probability of an occurrence, mitigate risks, provide for any business transition initiatives and enable your enterprise to quickly recover from an emergency event.

Our guiding philosophy is based on:

  • The awareness and planning required of all stakeholders
  • Personal ownership of the overall plan methodology and their role, individual location and department level plans that will have and impact on the successful execution of the emergency plan
  • Communication with all stakeholders about the importance of vigilance and the necessary actions that will maintain a safe and productive work environment
  • Operationalizing the plans and actions needed in the event of an emergency so each individual has a thorough understanding of the essential elements that ensure successful implementation

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