Product Summary

SOS Parabolic Acoustical Listening Systems use innovative technology developed to significantly enhance the ability to hear and identify sounds at distances normally undetectable to the human ear. In addition to extending the effective ‘hearing’ range, the device can selectively filter out unwanted sound frequency ranges.

Extremely light and portable, the 6 inch or 10 inch unit can be paired with the newly developed filter amplification pack (AmpPac®) to create a revolutionary system. This listening system can be used to detect and locate life signs and other critical sounds during rescue operations. Or it can effectively be used for many commercial and mechanical applications.


Potential Applications

  • Police – Enhance SWAT deployment and surveillance operations; monitor crisis situations with more intelligent
  • Firefighters – Locate victims caught in fire and disaster situations with enhanced life-sign detection
  • Search & Rescue – Detect individuals trapped in collapsed buildings, earthquakes or other natural disasters
  • Government – Provide technology to support unique applications for Border Patrol, Homeland Security,
    State Department, Port Authority, DEA, FBI, ATF, Customs, Forest Service and Coast Guard
  • Military – Aid in Target identification, reconnaissance, perimeter surveillance, urban warfare; detect enemy
    presence in caves, houses and distant areas
  • Commercial Industries – Use in detecting specific mechanical noises
  • Power Companies – Augment ability to quickly and easily identify power line faults, coolant leaks and gas
  • Other Applications – Deliver capabilities valuable to public venue crowd evaluation, high-rise stairwell
    monitoring and criminal concealment detection

Product Description

SOS parabolic acoustical listening systems are surprisingly small and portable, manufactured in a 6 “and 10” dish size for easy handling and quick deployment. The parabolic dishes are temperature and weather resistant for use in extreme operating conditions.

Both units come complete with the AmpPac, headphones, holographic sight, charger, cable and soft cover carrying case.


  • Car Charger — When on the go and AC outlet not available, the optional car charger plugs into your car’s lighter to recharge the AmpPac®.

Key Product Features

  • Parabolic directional audio design
  • Constructed from an extremely hard and durable polycarbonate material
  • Temperature and weather resistant
  • 6 inch dish weighs less than 2 pounds; 10 inch weighs less than 3 pounds
  • Standard Tri-pod connect at base of unit (10″ Only)
  • Dish assembly tested to 500° F
  • Specially designed acoustical shape narrowly focuses on desired source and limits sounds from unwanted
  • “Laser Pointer” or “Holographic Red-Dot Pointer” (optional) helps determines the location of audio source
  • Sensitivity -64 dbm; frequency range 0-16 khz
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery with 8 hour continuous use
  • AmpPac with LCD display and four programmed noise limiting filtering ranges

Technical Specifications

Materials Semi-translucent polycarbonate (dish)
Dimensions Dish -10 ½” Diameter – 6″ Depth; Dish – 6 ½” Diameter – 5″ Depth
Handle – 1 ¾” top depth – 6″ grip
Amp Pac – 4″ W x 5″ L x 1″ D
Weight 6 inch-less than 2 lbs
10 inch-less than 3 lbs
Power requirements 12 volt rechargeable battery
12 volt battery power charger adapter
Input Signal Sensitivity -64 dbm
Frequency Range 0-16 kHz
Range Sensitivity 6 inch – 1000 feet (dependent on environmental and surrounding conditions)
10 inch – 1500 feet (dependent on environmental and surrounding conditions)
Laser pointer Low power provided by AmpPac
Holographic Red-Dot Sight Powered by 2032 battery

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