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The following examples of each area of discipline illustrate our core competencies.  We’d be pleased to provide further example of our experience and skill sets in a discussion with you.

COOP Strategic Planning and Implementation
Andrews & Associates consultants created the strategic vision, operational plan and template to develop and implement the Continuity of Operations (COOP) program to facilitate compliance with specific Executive Orders and Presidential Decision Directives across multiple government agencies.  In addition, exercises were created that allow the agency to test and revitalize the plan on an on-going basis.

Exercise Design and Development Training
Andrews & Associates consultants developed and taught training classes to teach staff from government agencies to create exercises that would test their Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) on an annual basis.  The objective was to ensure that they understood the concepts of designing, developing, conducting, and evaluating exercises and that they were able to develop After Action Reports and methods for assuring continuous operational improvements when responding to future events.  In addition, attendees learned effective techniques in communicating internally and the importance of media/public information dissemination prior to and during an exercise or event . 

Evaluate Existing Continuity of Operations Plans
Andrews & Associates was responsible for reviewing and evaluating current, existing Continuity of Operations (COOP) Plans for various agencies in the Executive Branch to identify gaps and their associated areas of opportunity for improvement

Exercise Development and Execution
Andrews & Associates developed, implemented and evaluated exercises to test existing Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP).  The objective was to identify the specific exercise needs to test a COOP activation reflecting a National Security Emergency, addressing the overall plan, as well as some specific areas of concern.  This was accomplished by developing an appropriate exercise scenario centered on a scripted terrorist event that leads to a Presidential/Secretary of Homeland Security declaration for all Departments and Agencies to activate their COOPs.

Business Resumption
Andrews & Associates consultants originated, revised and augmented continuity plans, including managing actual activation situations and recovery team formation for small-medium sized businesses in multiple industries.

Business Consulting
Andrews & Associates consultants conciliated the user adoption of a procure-to-pay end-to-end solution through identifying a user adoption strategy where products and services met the required level of perceived value and ease of use to create a positive user experience.  A mitigation plan was developed for the organization as part of the strategy so that the transformation of the necessary business processes, policies, procedures and incentives were effectively integrated into the implementation process. 

  • After a Fortune 100 company completed an audit of their Financial Transfer system that uncovered both technology and process gaps, Andrews & Associates consultants identified that the significant deficiencies warranted more than basic corrective action, a complete revision of both the technical platform and the business processes was required.  In order to address the audit concerns, the consultant determined that it would be necessary to analyze the existing business processes, assess the ability of the technical platform and validate the value of the service for the customer.  After analyzing the results, a strategic plan was developed for this segment of the business that included marketing, systems development and operating procedures. The successful project results required a complete analysis and restructuring of the processes, redevelopment of the technical platform, a modified marketing plan and reorganization of the customer service organization. The project impacted over 100 employees, required a $1,000,000 technology project and supported a $40 billion dollar business.

Risk-to-Value Management

  • Using a risk-to-value assessment, an Andrews & Associates consultant determined that the current business case of a multi-million dollar corporate IT investment projected a weak return, with a payback expected in six years. With write-offs and low margins being a natural outcome of many start-up businesses, and with payback being a strong indicator of value, the conclusion to the executive team was to look more closely and innovatively at a viable business model for the project.  As a next step, the consultant recommended the team needed to take immediate action to radically improve the merchant/partner value proposition and together with senior executives decide if this is a strategic objective for the corporation.  The end-result consideration was that there wasn’t a compelling value proposition that fully identified the economic and non-economic value-add for all constituencies and the senior leadership stopped the venture project.  While this was a difficult decision for the company, it depicts the value and risk in major projects.  The $45M was re-directed to fund another project that proved a more robust value proposition.


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