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Risk-to-Value Management

Portfolio Optimization
Optimizing Information Technology (IT) investments means choosing the right investments, identifying value and mitigating risks and at the back-end, identify and feeding back any learning so future investments benefit from the rigor.  Improving the yield on investments is the goal of the process. 

There are three distinct times during the project lifecycle where specific activities improve and enhance the process. 

  1. Select and prioritize investments in order to gain maximum return.
  2. Identify, quantify and mitigate risk early in the investment lifecycle.  Doing so, the project will experience an increase in value while reducing cost and time to deliver against value added solutions.
  3. Upon project completion, review the project to ensure value has been delivered by identifying best practices and opportunities for improvement. 

Most IT projects focus on delivering solutions on time, within scope and budget.  A fourth major driver of solution delivery with any investment requires that “value” is considered as important as the three standard drivers. Technology investments require rigorous due diligence to maximize the value while minimizing wasted time, costs and risks. 

Not recognizing the value leads to underperformance in technology projects.  It is endemic in the industry and IT projects continually make the same mistakes because value and risk have never been identified. The patterns of problems are embedded in our existing approaches, process, operating norms and performance levels.  Without specific project attention, development efforts will continually make the same mistakes.  These common patterns of project behavior contribute to costly rework and delays.  Yet, we continue to spend too much money before recognizing problems.

Our professional consulting services will aggressively examine your project development efforts to surface the value components while mitigating the highest risks.  We understand the characteristics of projects and recognize the issues that are faced during the project lifecycle.  Our method is to provide dedicated coaching to help define and develop effective execution, governance and a strong value proposition.  We also will implement a “closed loop” best practice by conducting a post-development review.  This ensures your project creates the high potential for managing and delivering the value promised and establishing good behaviors to incorporate in future development efforts.  

You can expect that we examine the following project components to identify value and risks, as well as build a mitigation plan to ensure your project is being delivered on time, on scope, within budget and with value.

Engaging our consulting services will not only provide reduction in costs associated with the cost of rework, but it gives you the assurance that you will execute a better project and at the same time, be building the foundation for improved solution delivery.

Premium Value [top]
What does Premium Value mean to your company?  By definition, premium value means providing superior service so your company receives greater returns brought from higher levels of customer loyalty.  The benefits of attaining premium value:

  • Retaining your customer base
  • Growing your high end customers
  • Improving customer affinity
  • Enhancing the customer experience

Believe it or not, many businesses or even products/services do not succeed because they fail to simply identify who is the target customer.  If you don’t know who the customer is, you certainly will not be able to properly identify their needs.  You must be able to attract, attain and retain your customers.  Once you’re knowledgeable of your customer, you will be able to grow that relationship by providing superior premium value – ensuring the customer end-to-end experience is the best-in-class for your industry.

Our consulting team will first establish a baseline for your company/organization to determine current customer satisfaction and proceed with identifying and establishing the necessary metrics to enhance your customer experience.  Our goal is to ensure you have consistent business practices delivered with superior execution.  Premium value will strengthen the customer experience and ensure your place in the market.

Risk-to-Value Assessment [top]
Certain types of risk will naturally decrease as a project advances through the lifecycle, however the goal is to identify and mitigate any type of risk early enough in the cycle to positively impact the course of the project and significantly decrease the costs associated with rework.

We will examine the following project components to identify value and risks, as well as build a mitigation strategy to ensure your projects are delivered with value.

Value/Risk Factor Scorecard

  • Evaluate the project segments and apply a quantifiable measure for prioritization

Customer Interaction

  • Develop a thorough identification of the customer segmentation and the requirements
  • Focus on innovation and incremental value to the customer
  • Identify and evaluate the end-to-end customer experience

Value Proposition

  • Develop a viable business case with full ownership, accountability and focus on profitability and success metrics
  • Determine a clear and compelling cost of ownership

Ability to Deliver

  • Focus on value delivery
  • Assess the project team
  • Determine customer readiness
  • Evaluate skills and experience of resources
  • Review the implementation plan
  • Introduce Service Level Agreements


  • Require cross-organization project management ownership
  • Confirm time and resource commitments
  • Ensure early and full inclusion of stakeholders to eliminate unpleasant cost overrun and deployment surprises
  • Clearly define escalation procedures
  • Define project communication, team structure, roles and accountabilities
  • Incorporate vendor plans and controls into project management/governance
  • Identify clear, concise and meaningful success metrics
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