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Strategic Planning [top]
Whether you are creating new opportunities or expanding your current operations, it is important to align your resources and strategies to meet your needs. You need knowledge, experience and tools to ensure your strategic objectives align with your goals, core competencies and market needs.

Our strategic planning process helps you clearly focus on key priorities and establish realistic goals and timeframes for execution.  While creating the plan, participants develop a sense of ownership and provide the support that is necessary for successful implementation.  It also serves as an effective communication tool to convey your organization’s direction and focus.

Coaching & Mentoring [top]
Intense competition for resources and demand for high performance require organizations to be more flexible, more results-focused, and quick to respond.  This requires more effective leadership skills in both current and future management.  Our coaching and mentoring programs increase both the leadership capacity in individuals and in your overall organization. 

Implementing Change Management [top]
Change management includes the process, tools and techniques of developing a planned approach to change in an organization.  The goal is to maximize the benefits for everyone who is affected while minimizing the risk of failure of implementing change.

Change is inevitable and whether you need assistance in response to a specific need or if you are initiating change as a part of growth or refocused business efforts, we can provide a solution that simplifies the process and enables your organization to respond

Effective Project Execution [top]
You should expect more value from doing the right projects in a more efficient and effective delivery process; better quality and more cost-effective service delivery—these are the returns you can expect from using our consulting services and employing the techniques we introduce.

Andrews & Associates provides superior project execution experience utilizing common project management tools to manage the project and a universal roadmap for the project management discipline. 

What differentiates us from other vendors is that we recognize the need for value in project management. Most projects focus only on delivering solutions on time, on scope and within budget.  A fourth major driver of solution delivery, frequently overlooked with any project, requires that “value” is considered as important as the other three standard drivers. Value, as a driver, ensures maximum stakeholder/customer value is attained by providing: 1) a robust project strategy enforced by appropriate due diligence; 2) a strong value proposition that identifies benefits and the customer affinity for the product or service; and, 3) solid execution readiness of the project team to deliver the solution. Projects require this attention to maximize the value while minimizing wasted time, costs and risks. 

The goal of customizing the Project Management Plan is to improve execution and deliver optimal results utilizing value checkpoints as a control mechanism. 

Our staff has many years of corporate success in managing projects not only through scope, budget and schedule; but also using value as a critical success factor in delivering what was originally promised.  We developed and incorporated this structure and proved that it is the optimal method to solution delivery. The bottom-line goal is to be able to respond affirmatively to the question, “Did we deliver the promise of value?”

Governance [top]
A Governance framework consists of the project structure and processes that ensure end-to-end accountability, sponsorship, clarity of roles and responsibilities, incentives, involvement of key stakeholders, focus on value proposition, success metrics, and management of the day-to-day project activities and planning.

In our experience with examining major initiatives, we see the same drivers of risk emerging again and again and of all issues; governance is the one that appears most uniformly across all projects.  A governance framework is not a one-size-fits-all solution.  Governance is influenced by the characteristics of a project, and needs to be accordingly tailored.  But one piece is consistent … all projects have the need for a horizontal end-to-end focus and structure. The components of governance:

  1. Cross-organization project management scope, time and resource commitments
  2. Early and full inclusion to eliminate unpleasant cost overrun and deployment surprises
  3. Clear escalation procedures
  4. Clear project communication, team structure, roles and accountabilities
  5. Incorporation of vendor plans and controls into project management/governance
  6. Identifying clear and concise success metrics

Establishing a complete governance framework guarantees your project the success it should have. 

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